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Captainjack, 59
Miami, Florida, United States
Ksenia, 32
Los Angeles, California, United States
 Success stories
Stormy and Rick
I'm still kind of feel shocked by the way how me and Rick met each other at If someone told me a year ago that I'll meet a man online whom I'll marry after a few months I would probably won't believe and just laugh about this. However this is how it turned to be. In the beginning, I created an account at just for fun; I think somebody just talked me into this however now we are the part of success stories. After a couple weeks I got Rick's match at I looked at the picture, read his profile page through and I thought, why not? We talked a lot on the phone and we couldn't make up our mind to finally meet offline, face to face, it got kind of scary, for me it was terrifying. I loved talking to him so much, he always made me laugh, I loved his deep and pleasant voice but I was afraid that he wouldn't like how I look like or I'd think something like that about him. I just couldn't stop worrying about all of that you know. Finally we get over hesitations, we went on a date and I can tell that even back then we were so happy with each other. But I think neither me nor Rick thought how it's going to be in the immediate feature. We were dating for 4 months and then Rick took me to a restaurant and asked me to be his wife. It happened just like this. I still can hardly believe how it all turned out to be. Now we're the happiest couple in the whole world and can't imagine my life without him just like he can't imagine his life without me. We've been married for more than half of a year and there is nothing much left to be said. We're happy and we are so thankful to that you helped us to find each other and made the happiness achievable for both of us.
TJ and Stephanie
I and Stephanie found out about each other through She was my third attempt in here. First two women I met were good persons but I just didn't feel the right way with them. When you meet the right person you just now that this is her, that's what you were always looking for, she's who deserves all your efforts and all your attention. That's exactly how I felt when I saw Stephanie for the first time. Seriously you don't really expect anything like that especially if you meet her over the internet and all you know about she is the picture and basic information from her profile page. It makes everything exciting in some way but at the same time it's getting harder to move on after a while. I mean to go out and actually talk to person you were chatting through IM, show how you look like instead of sending your photoshoped pictures. Actually we decided to meet just in a couple weeks after talking through IM and neither Stephanie nor I thought that it's going to be this way. When you meet somebody it brings so much hesitations sometimes you know, but this time everything just felt and went perfectly. Time just flew by while we were talking to each other. It's funny but we're so different and so alike in some ways. For example, I like horror - she likes drama, I'm trying to be serious most of the time - she's just joking around whenever, we like different food, different kinds of music, she loves to dance - I hate it and so on, but at the same time we just feel each other. We feel when we one of us wants to go out or stay in house and just watch a movie. I work for insurance company - she is a designer. It's hard to explain but this is how it is. Anyway I was so happy that I found Stephanie and I decided that I must marry this woman. So I made a proposal and she said yes. This is how we brought one more success story. Many thanks!!!
Hector and Amber
I'm not going to lie, color the truth or tell you fairytales, it may seem to be fantastic but the thing is that it's all real, it's all happened to me and Amber and we still think of this meeting as a miracle. The whole story started in fall of 2011 when my co-worker talked me into creating an account at To tell the truth, it took him about a week to make me do that. He told me about his new girlfriend who he met on that website and so on but I was skeptical in the beginning until I gave it a try. I wish I had a picture of myself sitting in front of my laptop with that sarcastic grin on my face so I could compare it to my exciting aspect, which I had two weeks later when I received Amber's match. Seriously! Amber just blew my mind right away I was waiting for her messages like a 6-years-old waits for the birthday party. The hardest thing for me was not to rush, to let the things go like they usually do when people start talking to each other pretending to be just friends but really looking forward to go on a date. So after another two weeks I just couldn't wait any longer and I ask her to go out and finally look at each other offline. I'm not going to retell you all the sissy parts of this story but I'll tell about one. After awhile (I don't really remember when it happened) we recalled how we were first talking through IM and emails and I told her how much I wanted to go out with Amber and she admitted that she felt exact the same way and she couldn't wait for the moment I'd ask her to go on a date. Isn't it ironical? Thank you sooooo much. Strongly recommend it to everyone who's looking for the half. It worked out for me and it means that it will work for you as well! Don't be afraid just give it a try!
Steve and Carrie
Hi dear users! First of all, you are here and it means that at least the first step has been done and now you're approaching the final goal of finding the person who you've been looking for the entire lifetime. As for me, I was waiting for Steve rather long time. I received his match only after two months of fruitless surfing through photographs and profiles of other people. During this time I made a couple of friends whom I met through matching as well. They were nice, smart and so on but all of them had the same shortcoming, no one of them was Steve, I mean My Steve. Finally we found each other and after a month of talking and chatting it all turned into something else. Obviously both of us were falling in love with each other. He's the most amazing man I've ever met in my life and I'm so happy about it. We had so much fun and so much romance together and we're still having fun and trying to surprise each other with different romantic actions. Now we're married and actually we're waiting for our firstborn. I can't imagine my life without that man and I hope that each one of you will be able to find your half in here. It's all possible you just need to keep trying. is such an amazing dating service and Steve and I are so thankful that such services exist and give people an opportunity to make the most important choice of their lives.
Joe and Holly
Hi! I don't know if our success story is much different from other stories of happy couples that found each other at however I feel that I need to share it cuz maybe my experience will inspire other people to keep on pushing. A couple years ago I had to move from Chicago, IL to Fremont and I knew nobody over there. So I created an account at just to find a few friends you know. I didn't even plan to fall in love and find my half and move into a house together and certainly I didn't have any plans on making a child but you never know what's around the corner. Holly used to live in Redwood City, which is pretty close to Fremont and she also had an account at I received a match and that's how we met. There is no need to tell you all that sissy stuff, it's just obvious that we had a lot of fun together. Anyway it took us about a half year to decide to move in together. A bit later we found out that Holly is pregnant with a little cute boy. We called him Kyle. So, right now there are four of us living under one roof (we also bought a dog) and there is not much left to be deserved. We've got everything. More over, we've got the most important thing in everyone's life, we've got the love. So I want to say thank you for all that you've done to make my life like this. I don't want to change anything, I love my wife and I love my kid. Probably there is the only one thing I want to change in my everyday life, since I have a son I want to have a daughter. I have everything I could only dream of and it's all started from creating an account at We are not the only one, you can also become a part of success stories. Just give it a try!